What is the goal of Lazy Leprechauns?
Lazy Leprechauns is a collection of 3,333 unique, algorithmically generated NFTs on the Solana blockchain.
How can I get a Lazy Leprechauns NFT?
You will be able to buy (mint) a Lazy Leprechauns NFT directly from our website. You can also mint the NFT directly from the contract. If you miss the public sale you will be able to purchase the NFT on Magic Eden and other Solana marketplaces.
What will the community fund be used for?
Gain access to a community wallet that purchases high value NFT projects that are out of reach from most buyers.
Where is the Metadata stored?
We are using Arwave to store the metadata and media file which enables the security of the NFT information for our lifetimes. Using metaplex and arweave.
Are any NFTs withheld from sale?
Yes, 300 NFTs will be held for utilization in marketing campaigns, giveaways and partnerships.
If my NFT has a Lazy Prize, how do I claim my winnings?
Contact us at info@lazyleprechauns.com and we will arrange for your prize to be delivered to you.
What future utility is there?
Roadmap 2.0 will become available after the NFT launch.